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Libreoffice Won't Open


Here's to hoping I can hand it in again after installing Word on my computer. LibreOffice is trying to look slick and professional, and to attract users by providing a more polished product. In the Windows 10 search bar type %appdata% and Enter. Navigate to File -> Save As. http://nanextechnologies.com/windows-10/virus-wont-let-me-open-internet.html

What is the name of the 8 white squares surrounding resizable views? It seems OSX and Linux are supported a lot more than Windows is. Today, Office 365 is an ecosystem that includes online versions, a terabyte of online storage, and touch-oriented apps for Windows, Windows Phone, Google Android, and Apple iPads and iPhones. If I made some errors in the configuration changes I made, I might expect to have a little trouble finding where the file got saved. Source

Libreoffice Won't Open

Finding a file in a format that’s incompatible with the device you want to use it on is a fairly common occurrence, whether it’s a video you want to watch on I always save my documents via CTRL+S. And I routinely work with old Microsoft Office files, both .doc and .xls formats, with no issues at all. There are also a few others used by image editing applications, such as BMP (.bmp), TIFF (.tif) and PCX (.pcx), plus Adobe Photoshop (.psd).

However, both OpenOffice and LibreOffice are modelled after Microsoft Office 1997-2003, when it was still a standalone office suite. You want a suggestion:- start your own question.Alex Kemp( 2016-01-12 05:16:43 +0100 )editadd a comment 2 answers Sort by » oldest newest most voted 0 answered 2015-08-13 12:49:16 +0100 Prolink 3 No impact on the problem. Libreoffice Won't Start Windows 7 Deleting .~lock files in the same file location ...

I do so via the "Styles and Formatting" tab (F11) by selecting "First Page" for the first page header and then "Default Style" for the rest of the pages. Libreoffice Won't Open Windows 10 Uneven wear of brake pads Cache.aspx showing wrong Max sizes How to handle a self-righteous student? But the LibreOffice programmers have added features, improved compatibility with Microsoft and Apple file formats, and introduced Windows-specific improvements such as the ability to work with Microsoft’s Active Directory. http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Calc-will-not-save-files-on-a-Windows-10-machine-td4185894.html Not ideal but at least it's a work around for now.Prolink( 2015-09-09 15:35:06 +0100 )editadd a comment Question Tools Follow 1 follower subscribe to rss feed Stats Asked: 2015-08-13 12:22:38 +0100

At my suggestion, she installed the LibraOffice suite (portable version, from Portable Apps.) The first time she tried to update an old .xls file from Microsoft Office 2000, she was able Libreoffice Not Responding Windows 10 However, this does risk losing some of the formatting, but the information will still be there – it’s probably best that the original copy isn’t deleted right away. There’s a difference between viewing and editing, of course, but if you are sent an image that you can’t open in your image editor of choice, try dragging and dropping it until I go to save.

Libreoffice Won't Open Windows 10

Sign up now Email Tech & Gadgets Computing Windows 10 Windows 7 Laptops Cloud Security Software Printing PC extras Games Struggling to open a document or photo? At that point, a handful of IBM employees were doing the majority of OpenOffice programming. Libreoffice Won't Open Logging out from and back into Windows would usually release the file lock, but not before I had lost whatever unsaved material I was working on prior to the application crash. Libreoffice Windows 10 Problems Unless someone can tell me that this is a known bug in LibraOffice, I am at a complete loss in resolving this problem.

Help to supports its development by making a donation to The Document Foundation, or buying cool merchandise from the shop! Have you got another question for Jack? Both organisations have obviously had to spent a lot of time trying to make OpenOffice’s code smaller, less buggy and less crashy. I have LibraOffice installed on my own Windows-7 machine and have never had any problems with it. Is Libreoffice Compatible With Windows 10

Super weird. On 6/12/2016 11:44 AM, Riverglen wrote: > Thanks for your interest. BUT, my last experiment was to create an entirely new spreadsheet file (just a few cells, filled with arbitrary integers) on the Windows 10 machine, and the Calc program wouldn't save It also has more applications (there are no open-source equivalents to OneNote and Outlook, for example), and is compatible with the vast majority of the world’s documents.

And I routinely work with old Microsoft Office files, both .doc and .xls formats, with no issues at all. Libreoffice Not Opening Browse other questions tagged libreoffice file-format or ask your own question. Ian wants to know if he should switch to LibreOffice or – since he uses Windows 10 and a Windows Phone – go back to using Microsoft’s office software If you’re

Some Google searching led me to a number of threads on answers.microsoft.com where others were reporting similar behavior.

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First time here? Windows automatically supports Zip – so all you need to do to extract your files is right click and select Extract all. Download LibreOffice Latest fresh and still releases Get help Ask.LibreOffice Documentation Mailing lists Get involved Join the project File a bug report Improve the wiki Websites and social media, including local Libreoffice Not Opening In Ubuntu https://www.avast.com/antivirus-- To unsubscribe e-mail to: [hidden email] Problems?

Denis Navas Vega Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ Re: Calc will not save files on a Windows I am delighted but mystified. They can help with everything from set up, online security and dealing with viruses, video games, installing software and backing up data. Could a creature have eyes that change color based off of mood?

I believe that she has tried several files, with the same result. My Chillblast PC opens LO and invites me to 'Use the sidebar to open or create a file' then I just get a spinner.. [LibreOffice v5.0.4.2 Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Version Video Of all file formats likely to cause problems, video must be top of the list. I like Windows 10 and have a Windows phone.

As a result, it never developed much of a community. In every case, the same error pop-up is immediately displayed. LibreOffice also seems to have more of a customer focus: just compare the two websites. Back to top Contact BT Careers Sitemap Privacy Terms of use Codes of practice Complaints Code T&Cs Feedback Modern Slavery Transparency Statement BT Including You - helping you

I've checked file associations in Windows 10 and that seems to be set up properly so I'm at a loss to understand what is going on. [Edit:- added windows-10+ lo-5 tags] No impact on the problem. Is your version compatible? Here are some common ones you may stumble across: Office documents Productivity applications such as Microsoft Office are generally pretty good at opening files in formats other than their ‘native’ ones

The second thought I had is that you are using a portable installation, that you can test it on Windows 7. I looked under 'properties', but it all seems to be normal.I'm guessing this has something to do with a dodgy Microsoft update suddenly messing everything up, but I have no idea Ideas? Any subsequent attempts to load the program and resume working were blocked by the fact that that previous crash had somehow left the document file in question locked by the file

Has Batman ever said he hates the Joker? Creating Tables in Calc Server 2003 [closed] Convert to CSV via command-line with all text-fields quoted Hyperlink auto-update [closed] Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share IBM needed the code for its own office program, Lotus Symphony, which was another OpenOffice fork. Oh!

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