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Disadvantages Of Microsoft Access


Reply David W. For example, The student name info goes inthe header, but the degree info goes in the detail. In both of these situations, you can get around using Access IF you're writing the app from scratch. Anyway, I find typically the network admins and PC support people like to trash anything Microsoft. -- Tim http://www.ucs.mun.ca/~tmarshal/ ^o< /#) "Burp-beep, burp-beep, burp-beep?" - Quaker Jake /^^ "Whatcha doin?" - http://nanextechnologies.com/microsoft-access/what-is-microsoft-access.html

Access does not give any inside of what happens under the hood, that is something that DBA's don't see as an optional nice-to-have in my experiance. I'm criticizing their words, which are confused and demonstrate a poor grasp of the issues involved here. Leave new Noel February 11, 2010 8:26 am Fast rebuttal Brent. it does! "MS-Access can't publish reports to the web" Wrong! "You can't upgrade Access 95/97 apps to Access 2000/2003/XP". https://www.reddit.com/r/Database/comments/36djqw/why_the_hate_for_ms_access/

Disadvantages Of Microsoft Access

If an Access database works its way up to the department or enterprise level, celebrate its triumph instead of trashing its creator. You can then group by Student on the report and put the duplicate info in the group header. From this my co-worker runs a series of queries to determine which item's can be invoiced immediatly and which need to be looked into before we invoice. Anyway, your post got me to thinking about my personal experiences in which I've dealt with user-created problems that I've had to unravel in the course of my job because of

The pain and suffering of that kind of thing results in company policy that forbids installation of Access on any desktop. Suffice it to say, the Microsoft Jet DB team, themselves, have said that Access is one of their most regrettable products ever shipped. Reply Alex February 11, 2010 3:25 pm Touche! Companies That Use Microsoft Access If circumstances change, they need the requisite changes tomorrow...not next year.

Reply Phil Factor February 11, 2010 9:22 am It is strange to think how many of the visual tools we see in SSMS first came from MS Access. Is Microsoft Access Still Relevant Loading... Yeah, the usual set of Why's that hopeless losers and quitters keep asking themselves again and again. http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/programming-life/i-hate-ms-access-12111 Or is it something else?

helpalissa Aug 12 2004, 08:26 AM My problem is that the people at the school, the programmers, know how to do it in SQL, but I am here to teach them Microsoft Access Problems And Solutions You didn't create the mess, but you'll get to clean it up. In those cases, the answer is to redesign the offending data request, either to use server-side views or stored procedures (where that's appropriate) to either replace the original Access SQL, or the development team was proposing for a .Net / SQL Server solution through our CRM.

Is Microsoft Access Still Relevant

While Access SQL has some minor differences, anyone who knows SQL should be able to either directly write the statements or figure out how to use Query Design mode in the http://howfuckedismydatabase.com/letters/ To do this I need to pull records from an ODBC database into Access, create a query that searches multiple tables for specific criteria, and the answer to that query is Disadvantages Of Microsoft Access Also, it is quite possible for an application to start out in MS Accessm and outgrow Access' capabilities. Microsoft Access Pros And Cons Access has all the best attributes that PC's had when they started.

Now, as a user front-end to ACID compliant RDBMS', Access has a lot going for it. see here And also intended to release all that anger (grrr...) caged up deep inside thanks to my "pleasant" experiences earlier with VBA and MS Access and the one I'm expecting. And it didn't answer that question clearly. But the vast majority of database applications out there (and the ones that businesses and workgroups need) have only a fraction of that number of users, and Access as front end Who Uses Microsoft Access Anymore

Cheers! :-) Name: Laurent Nothing to add, just awesome! =) Name: Justin I loved everything about this. My Final Word is" MS ACCESS is NOT DEAD like Anybody thinks!" USER_2365783 Mar 5, 2011 A poor handyman blames his tools. They twaked it a bit to deal with 64 bit systems. this page Developer Network O'Reilly and his big fat Radar TechCrunch (neat stuff) Intel Blog Inside MSDN Blogs (Keep updated with Microsoft) Scobleizer!

Even though I may be coming late to the .NET game, I will take my new skills combined with my years of experience and blow away these punk ass kids who Future Of Microsoft Access Database Name: Mike Regarding NoSQL, I created some Facebook accounts and input my data using the status update textfield. Somehow because of Microsoft's great marketting, all non-tech and semi-tech folks think Office can do everything and anything.

Consequently they attribute all the failings/shortcomings of a desktop DB to an MS Access front end (which could be pointed at just about any client-server DB product....

That text file also has a couple of parms in it - among them is "ForceAppRefresh".... John Rogers February 11, 2010 1:05 pm Brent - I don't believe I said anything about Access in my response…I was talking about large scalable solution development in general and whether A subset of VB, used appropriately, is no less valuable that VB itself. #5: It's too easy The most ridiculous reason for avoiding Access is that it's just too easy to Ms Access 2013 Limitations helpalissa Aug 11 2004, 08:44 AM How do I do that--build 'block by block'?

They'll use Excel, or worse, they'll call IT when they need a database. It is realistic (being seen in the real world) because I've seen it a lot, and so have many SQL Server DBAs who are asked to upsize these type of solutions. But then I had to rethink twice half way when he gave me more stipulations pertaining to his hardware environment and the financial part.. http://nanextechnologies.com/microsoft-access/microsoft-access-tutorial.html he's probably on vista and changed to the classic theme, since vista's default theme uses alot of memory oh gosh #neaux1currrrr Reply With Quote 04-07-2009,05:25 PM #8 Monahov View Profile View

This very article makes exactly that mistake. SQL Server backups are a piece of cake. Name: Bill Thank you for providing a valuable service to the community. To get that, they had to keep him happy with this existing contract.

They're all a bunch of nice retired guys who are using their free time to run free correspondence courses. ithout understanding your table structure its near impossible for us to help. Check out VB6, .Net SQL2008.