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Before that was VB6 and VB4 (before that was Turbo Pascal, Quick Basic and Quick C As my job/career has "developed" I've recently started moving into the DirectX world and its And I am really motivated to move along here. i found a wealth of them in a few hours. Code sample for the demo site: Tate Art Gallery provides source for the live demo Azure Search site over art gallery data, showing the Collections data type and nested data structures,

Experts with the following skills are welcome: -Outstanding programming and debugging skills in C/C++ (we are selectively open to exceptionally strong Java developers as well) -Excellent problem solving skills -Fluency with Microsoft Virtual Academy: Adding Azure Search to your Websites and Apps April 2015 7-part series on how to add Azure Search to an application, presented by Liam Cavanagh, Janusz Lembicz, and What is Azure Search? Password Home Register Calendar Today's Posts FAQ Free Publications Search Xtreme Visual Basic Talk > General Discussion > Tech Discussions > Looking for developer videos/demos/webcasts tutorials Thread Tools Display Modes

I feel like with programming you can be alot more creative, that's what I love to do. If learning Javascript is not the same coding as c#, could someone please: A. Azure Search: code samples, demos, videos and tutorials 2016-9-22 6 min to read Contributors In this article Get up to speed faster with the following videos, demos, tutorials, and sample apps. Video: AzureCon 2015: Best Practices for Azure Search offers practical advice on scale-out, performance optimization, and how to achieve coding efficiency when building apps for Web or mobile scenarios.

Progress: I wrote an example code for the proposed example but can't get it to work. Search Explorer is a built-in query tool that lets you try out queries from inside the portal. One of the examples of how I would release it as freeware is many of the customers can't afford a very good softsynth/softsample (like Reason which costs $400 and Native Instrument's Powered by vBulletin Version 3.8.9Copyright ©2000 - 2017, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. --> Home Questions & Answers Forums Contact Us SEARCH YOUR SOLUTION HERE Looking for developer videos/demos/webcasts tutorials

I get a lot of stuff from planet-source-code.com that helps a lot. No, create an account now. Learn the most practical features and best approaches for ASP.NET. When I was younger I tabbled into programming, Just real basic stuff and used to build pages using HTML basics until Angelfire and Homestead came out and were the craze.

So i wanted to know, if there is any way that i could get the string of the website that the user is.(using the default browser), or even better when a gicio gicio, Dec 29, 2002 #1 grasshopperbe Joined: Apr 24, 2002 Messages: 858 Location: Belgium these links help me out a lot www.w3schools.com (html, css, java) javascriptkit.com (free scripts, tuts) Get started with Azure Search in Java Tutorial for Java programmers using Eclipse and Apache Tomcat server to build and run a sample application that uses Azure Search. any suggestions ⇒i'm looking for drawing the sector in C# using algorithm in this ASP.NET tutorials  (13Views) Any suggestions I would like a good free tutorial to learn the basics about

However, you will not find help with that here. http://www.developerfusion.com/thread/11253/looking-for-developer-videosdemoswebcasts-tutori/ Online demo sites These sites are fully functional web applications that use Azure Search for the search experience. Also you can compress javascript and compress css and generate sql connection strings. As sugested I used a cross thread controler to fix the thread access problem.

Anyway, could anyone please give me examples of the differences I need to study in C# to VB.NET please I am not looking for the blatently obvious e.g. I love their website because it is very organized and the flow is excellent. Some examples would be to clear & bleach the recycle bin, internet cache, IE address bar (history), IE cookies, Windows Run History, Windows Temp files, and so on. I have been in IT my whole life.

Find all posts by Kaluriel « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1 (0 members and 1 guests) Thread Tools Show Printable Version Display So if you're looking for a pretty good book on C#, I think this may be the one. Which is valid and important. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Developer Fusion - The global developer community for .NET and Java programmers .NET C# VB.NET F# Azure ASP.NET ASP.NET AJAX ASP.NET MVC LINQ ADO.NET Java Open Source Mobile

Azure Search scenarios and capabilities Blog post covering the primary scenarios enabled by the current functionality. Azure Search Management REST API tutorial How to use the Management REST API to provision the service and manage admin or query api-keys. Build an index in the Azure Portal.

What do I need to study/master for this From what I understand, C#, .NET and JQuery...

William Thompson replied to What is the name of the Win... Learn how Machine Learning and Azure Search can be used together to create sophisticated data-driven applications. Channel9 Data Exposed: "Azure Search Enhancements" November 2015 17 minutes. I know right now only the microsoft webcasts and the stuff from www.learnvisualstudio.net do you know others?

I'm not looking for any code, though if you have a sample you'd like to share I certainly won't object. If it comes down to some pinvoking, I know a good majority of the Win32 API. thx in advance! Synchronize SQL Server Data with Azure Search Blog post that explains how to load data from SQL Server relational databases to an Azure Search index.

I want to use c# (for learning purposes). Post the relevant parts here. Scoring profiles tutorial Test-drive scoring profiles using a console app. I'm going to try to read it cover to cover, though I imagine that'll take a while.

ie u can get loads of demos/examples/tutorials from www.planetsourcecode.com , www.developerfusion.com, vbcity.com and theres loads more else where. nuff rambling, Looking for (basic) DirectX 9 tutorials...  (23Views) Has anyone seen a really good beginner tutorial on DirectX 9 I have been looking for quite some time, but all i Channel9 Data Exposed: "Custom Analyzers, Search Analytics, & Portal Querying in Azure Search" January 2016 15 minutes. as for specific webcasts wat arrea are u into two within the main areas?

naughty naughty try the MSDN resource center.. Tutorial: Get started with Azure Search in the portal is a purely portal-based walkthrough that gets you an index and data without writing any code. Connect Event: An 8 minute overview September 2014 9 minutes. Channel9 Build 2016: "Intelligent Data Driven Applications that Learn and Adapt" May 2016 1 hour.

Code sample for .NET client library is an ASP.NET MVC 5 application that uses the .NET client library for search operations.