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Looking For A Practical Security Idea

That is because many exploits can be technically difficult for a hacker to take advantage of. But this is PHP specific.> [] Destroy all active sessions on reset password (or offer to).> ...> [] Destroy the logged in user's session everywhere after successful reset of password.I believe A security-aware culture is possible in any organization as long as it is the standard by which everyone operates, and concepts are consistently reinforced. ##Audry Agle, CISSP, CBCP, MBA, is an Portable USB thumb drives are also a common way for malware to get from computer to computer. his comment is here

This is so ambiguous. Now imagine that a bunch of websites all use the same hash function to store a common password that is shared by a bunch of users. If you know the particular program you want, try to find out who makes it and what their website is (Wikipedia and news articles can be useful for finding it). If the attacker can run JavaScript on your page, you're in trouble. minitech 206 days ago > Don't let HTTP GET requests modify state, ever. https://community.oracle.com/ideas/11255

So to take XSS/CSRF, for example: Django's template system autoescapes variable output by default, and there's a CSRF protection mechanism on by default. Or maybe you’re intentionally connecting to a website that looks like it’s owned by your bank but actually isn’t! Security is one of those things I'd wish I had more time to experiment and address. Your employees will welcome the opportunity to ask questions they may otherwise be embarrassed to, and youll be showing them that you care about them as individuals. ■ RELATED: The CSO

Both of these concerns are resolved by using an application layer protocol called HTTPS (rather than HTTP). Be extra careful that you are clicking the right link when you download free software. Perfect.-Use a decent provisioning script to create VMs in the cloud.I have to be a little picky... The second one is clearer though.Edit: clarified nommm-nommm 206 days ago I think the first one is saying "destroy active sessions when a user attempts to change their password" and

And so we come to the real challenge: how do you make a password that is hard for a hacker to guess but still easy for you to remember? It's very difficult to prevent CSRF via HTTP GET.* Session keys are password-equivalents. However shareware can be pretty frustrating due to the limitations designed to entice you to pay for it. Shareware is much more common, and is also generally trustworthy (though a little less so since you don’t get to see how it’s made).

When and how should I install Windows patches? We aim for 5-10 hours of work - more if you decide to read up on links and other extra material supplied.You should take this course if you know some IT, When the owner of a website wants people to be able to connect to their site using HTTPS, they contact a CA to verify their identity. The same sanitation technique for HTML doesn't work for XML.

You own the article you write whatever you want. It's worse than useless because it makes you think that you dodged some kind of bullet, when in fact that same class of attack can still happen: the attacker needs to Have you ever reused your username and password on different sites? start thinking like a hacker and you'll be amazed at the issues you discover in your applications.[0] http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-1118026470... markc 205 days ago Agreed, still the best text out there for

Password Safety Tip #1: choose unique passwords for each site. There are developers who believe, "We're immune to the items on the OWASP Top 10, so we're secure," when there are entire classes of vulnerabilities that applications can be vulnerable to The string ';alert(1) is perfectly safe to drop in between HTML tags, but can be very dangerous in JavaScript, but only if it's inside a single-quoted string.You can try to filter Such skills also require a level of theoretical knowledge, which will be included also.It is this basic approach to teaching that I bring to my on line courses.

How about if you want to use it in an HTML attribute? Still relevant and still being updated.http://stackoverflow.com/questions/549/the-definitive-guide-...Includes:- How to log in- How to remain logged in- Managing cookies (including recommended settings)- SSL/HTTPS encryption- How to store passwords- Using secret questions- Forgotten username/password And why bother with a difficult solution when it’s so much easier to trick a user into installing malware themselves? Related: Leadership and Management Follow everything from CSO Online How much is a data breach going to cost you?

It's worse than useless because it makes you think you're more secure, when you haven't prevented attacks are all. nmjenkins 206 days ago This is not security theatre.Secure => Attacker Postal Service, the Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service, and the University of Tennessee. TurboTax will ask you easy questions to get to know you and fill in all the... 43% off Caller-ID Call Blocker For Robo-calls, Telemarketers and Other IDG Contributor Network Have you

Ultimately you will need to develop “street smarts”: an intuition for when some software seems “sketchy” or unsafe.

Every message they send will show the IP addresses of the sender/receiver in the open. That is a dead giveaway that the site is storing your password in the clear—practically begging for some hacker to steal it. Your solution adds the dependency: the secret requires the user. However it is also the least common type of free software on the Internet.

I'd just like to add my fav resource on webdev security: "OWASP Developer Guide Reboot".https://github.com/OWASP/DevGuideIt's the updated version of their classic web security guide. Using a series of simple command driven examples the session will demonstrate how you can easily use the simple but effective Oracle Solaris features to protect your whole environment. I am not surprised XSS is still #1 (or at least top 3).2. PDF export?

Make the message visible: Put posters up at fax machines, shred bins, and coffee rooms. Bugs in escaping cause pretty much every kind of injection attack, from SQL to XSS. Your cache administrator is webmaster. When they log in later, we apply the same hash to their password attempt and compare the result.

and international copyright and trademark laws.No part of this work may be reproduced without the written permission of ASIS International. For extra credit, try to find the list of CAs that your browser trusts. This problem is exacerbated by another feature of cryptographic hashes: they’re really hard to design. So maybe a checksum is the tool we’re looking for.

What Will I Learn? Have an occasional celebration where Security thanks the staff for doing their part. 4. You might one day forget to manually escape a single input (and it only takes one to be game over), but if user data is always passed separately from the query