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Laptop Screen Vaguely Visible

Thanks for any help you can give me. Please do NOT send private messages since I won't be able to read them. Any comments appreciated, I am indeed to fix my laptop, finals are near. Replacing the inverter results the same. have a peek at this web-site

Thanks jorge trevino March 23, 2007 | i have the solution to all the person who cannot find the inverter for the quanta display lk01 of 15.4 wxga 1V11145/T, (link removed) hope it helps people. :kk LJ Tonga July 22, 2007 | My notebook screen flashes when I first turn it on, but then goes black. cj2600 March 29, 2007 | Howard Lewis, I have installed a NEW inverter - which did not help. The moment I touched the keyboard on the laptop, the external monitor went black (as if I had disconnected it), although the laptop was still powered up.

cj2600 April 22, 2007 | Jacin, Even though the screen is dim, I assume you still can make out an image on it, correct? One minute it was on like normal the next minute "black". The inverter did not fix it. Before replacing the inverter board, I would check this little button (lid close switch) and make sure it's not stuck inside.

cj2600 August 18, 2007 | BHAGWAN DAS, Can any one suggest me that either this is problem of ccfl tube or invertor or mother board or any other fault. 1. When the lid close switch gets stuck inside (maybe because it's dirty), it cuts off power from the inverter board and it looks like you have a faulty screen inverter. If you have already adjusted the brightness to the max. You mentioned that there is no picture at all, so I don't think this is a bad backlight lamp.

You should also adjust your refresh rates to what works. Any ideas are appreciated. pls address my problem thanks! Just like Ptepe, I also found the 680uf/25v and 1000uf/16v capacitors in positions c203 and c204 on the Power Supply PCB to be bulging on the top.

got 2nd inverter board and replaced it today. when i check the invertor, small bulb on ivertor turns on with blue light. I tried changing my inverter and it worked fine for 3 hours or so, then it just wnet black again. Now you can make your laptop screen visible only to yourself. The 3M Notebook Privacy Computer Filter is transparent when viewed from directly in front, but turns black when viewed from

Yes it’s possible but unlikely. more info here Remove all screws and mark them somehow so you are not confused when you assemble the notebook back. I just push and release, and the light is on for a second. When inverter goes bad you loose ALL backlight, not just 2/3 of it.

Unfortunately the only way to find out is testing the laptop with a good backlight lamp. http://nanextechnologies.com/laptop-screen/how-to-tell-if-your-laptop-screen-is-going-bad.html I hope to have mine fixed in just a couple of days once the new inverter arrives. I'm sure you understand! Can anyone please tell where it at?

Is replacing the whole screen going to fix my problem and is it easier than changing out the CCFL? Thanks, Howard Lewis cj2600 March 22, 2007 | Jorge Trevino, Try ebay. I cannot tell you if this is the backlight tube or the inverter board problem, you'll have to guess. Source Toshiba Satellite A135-S2386 Notebook Dim display on Toshiba Satellite 4090XDVD notebook The backlight CCFL lamp provides the lighting for the LCD screen.

thx, Harreson June 12, 2007 | actually, i think it might be the motherboard itself. MPC Computers TransPort T1200 Notebook My sony vaio vgn-n365e screen is Dim The fault could be a faulty CCFL lamp or inverter.To determine if you have a LCD screen, inverter or Yesterday the PC died as though something overheated.

It usually sits on the counter running through it's photo screen saver.

I hooked up an external monitor and that seemed to work as expected. Does this mean there’s a connection problem or I need a new FL inverter? Just can't have the battery installed when booting up. Sometimes I get a hardcrash and a blue screen of death and it says the problem was caused by Ati2Dvag.

Deepika Parikh March 12, 2007 | Hi; Your information of Screen inventer was a money savings for me. I've seen this problem a few times before, most likely it's a bad screen. If yes, you are not alone, that’s one of the most common laptop problems. have a peek here After reseating the video ...

Thanks a lot! Here's the situation: I've got an HP Pavilion ze5300 series laptop. How image appears on the screen. Defective CCFL backlight, it may have the following symptom: Screen flashs o ...

Try tapping on the lid close switch and see if the backlight flashes when you do that. http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?t=65847Good luck. I adjusted the angle of the screen-open to close-and noticed some flickering, but the screen did not come back, nor was I able to see a faint image of the desktop. Try reseating the video cable connector on the motherboard 2.

If it's not, is the cold-cathode flourescent bulb something I can fix on my own, or would it be better just to order a new screen and lid for ~$200.00 …