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How To Create A Shortcut To A Website


Password is stored using the SettingsPagePassword tag. Possible Values: 0 - Use FontFamily Setting 1 - Use FreeType font library Example Soft Input Panel (SIP) ResizeOnSIP Applies to Android and Windows Mobile only. Possible Values: 0 - Do Not Preload 1 - Preload Example PreloadLegacyGeneric Applies to Windows Mobile/CE with the Zebra Webkit only. Extracting archive: when all needed files are extracted, extraction is aborted (preventing useless extraction only to memory). his comment is here

On Vista 64 bit, if an application is 32bit it should be installed under "C:\Program Files (x86)", but I noticed that the Minion installs to "C:\Program Files\MMOUI Minion". Contains the password for accessing the Settings page when password function is enabled using the SettingsPageProtectionEnabled tag. Just look for InstallHelper or Minion somewhere within the timeframe during when you were trying to update. Does not apply to the Enterprise Tablet. http://www.basiccomputerinformation.ca/create-desktop-shortcut/

How To Create A Shortcut To A Website

Default values for Android and WM/CE are shown in the examples below. Meta tag properties and their possible values are explained in the corresponding API. Setting is lost after cold reboot.

When enabled, the application will substitute normal Android keycodes with the Windows Mobile function keycode values for all keys. On CE5 and CE6, the IE engine will truncate the request variables when a navigation to badlink occurs and the reason for the failure may not be displayed. Note: When debug buttons are enabled, the Gesture API might not function as expected, and screen distortion might be displayed while scrolling on CE devices that use the IE rendering engine. How To Save A Link To Desktop Chrome Leave this field blank if no proxy is to be used.

A value of "None" will display no scrollbars and cause the page to be unresponsive to finger swipes. How To Create A Shortcut On Desktop Specifies the default font to use when rendering text in web pages. If you want any specifics off my system, let me know and I'll be happy to provide them. 32-bit all the way here...until I get Windows 7 going :) Syxx08-22-09, 07:54 Specifies location of the plug-in file (a .DLL on the device), which facilitates mapping between modules and plug-ins on the device.

Entering non-text characters (< > \ / " ') in these fields will corrupt the Config.xml file. Write Steps To Delete The Shortcut For Internet Explorer From Desktop Not compatible with Finger Scrolling. Can be used to spoof the device to a web server, for example to view content designed for the desktop on the mobile screen. Great find.

How To Create A Shortcut On Desktop

Possible Values: 0 to 0xFFFF Example DecodeDuration Controls the duration (in milliseconds) of the device beeper sound when a barcode is scanned. Controls whether text selection is enabled when dragging the stylus on the screen. How To Create A Shortcut To A Website Applies only to Windows Mobile/CE using the Zebra Webkit. Create Desktop Shortcut Windows 10 Close or minimize all open windows.

Running Win7 RC1 64bit with an ATi Radeon HD4770 if that makes any difference. http://nanextechnologies.com/how-to/how-to-host-a-website-from-your-computer.html This feature can only be reset by performing a device warm boot. Vista or later: configuration is exported to application data directory (typically C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Altap\Altap Salamander) instead of installation directory (because it is probably in C:\Program Files which is read-only). Look around for your new desktop shortcut. Create Desktop Shortcut Chrome

The recommended best practice is to store the first page locally to avoid connectivity issues at startup. Ok, the FAQ write up on that error makes it sound as if you should install the version for your OS. Network plugin Remote Desktop Connection (Microsoft Terminal Service Client): added support for showing drives of local computer in Local Computer folder when you are connected to remote computer. http://nanextechnologies.com/how-to/website-reliability-checker.html Possible Values: 0 - F keys not capturable 1 - F keys capturable Example EnableFunctionKey_X Applies to Android and WM/CE.

The name under your new file or folder shortcut will start with Shortcut to. How To Create A Shortcut On Android SyntaxlogTrace(msg); Parameters msg - (String) The Trace message to add to the Application Log. In order to open the main application window of Corporate Directory a user needs to click the tray icon.

The process began and I was prompted to restart Minion to complete the update.

Possible Values: Comma separated list of direct access addresses. Possible Values: 0 - Enable scanning through Enterprise Browser APIs (default; DataWedge disabled) 1 - Enable scanning through DataWedge (Enterprise Browser scanning disabled) Example Remarks Battery Polling on Enterprise Possible Values: Size in bytes Example ApplicationCachePath Path to an existing directory to store Application Cache data. How Do You Create A Desktop Icon When option 1 is selected, checks for and creates new shortcuts at every launch.

Possible Values: file name Example VerifyPeerCertificate Controls whether server certificates will be verified against the internal certificates. Verifying archive... Possible Values: 0 - Disabled 1 - Enabled Example Engine EngineInUse Permits the selection of a rendering engine (IE or Webkit) when deploying a Webkit installation of Enterprise Browser check over here Enterprise Browser will permit multiple incorrect entries before presenting the 'HTTP 401 Unauthorized' page.

For WM/CE, this setting is not specific to the current application and will be applied globally on the device. The Config.xml determines features and behavior of the EB runtime, including its start-up page, keys that can be intercepted by an app, and whether to pre-load modules on startup. Does not apply to the Enterprise Tablet; plug-ins are integral to Enterprise Browser on this platform. I still get the exact same error.

I'll keep poking and post back if I find a work around :) Yeah I tried giving myself Full control from the security tab but that didn't work probably because I'm See the Signal API for more information. How do I do this "working directory" fix thing? When disabled, the orientation of the display will not change when the device is rotated.

Automation plugin comes with comprehensive documentation (see Help > Contents > Plugins > Automation) and sample scripts (see plugins\automation\scripts). A 640 x 960 .png file is recommended; other resolutions may not display correctly. Waiting for MMOUI Manager to close... If this setting is absent, a login prompt will be displayed with a password of (“”).

Possible Values: 0 - Disabled (default) 1 - Enabled Example IntentAction Specifies the Action for which the receiver is to be registered. Copy/Move operations to archives and plugin file systems: warning "Options will be ignored" could be suppressed. If this setting is absent, a login prompt will be displayed with a username of (“”). Don't ask for the same password of a single archive multiple times.

Possible Values: string Example DebugButtons DebugButtonsEnabled When enabled, presents a set of controls useful for development and debugging purposes. This action creates the shortcut on your desktop. Possible Values: 0 - Disabled 1 - Enabled Example LogInfo Controls the logging of INFORMATION messages generated by the Enterprise Browser.