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Washingtonpost.com. All users, including non-paying users, can set various options for comments: they can instruct the software to only accept comments from those on their friends list or block anonymous comments (meaning Retrieved 2012-11-10. ^ "Freedom on the Net 2012 – Uzbekistan". Informationweek.com.

I doubt anyone wants to run this code anymore (for that, the Dreamwidth code fork is probably an easier starting point) but I personally think LiveJournal made a significant contribution to Livejournal.com. 2009-06-21. Very few can capture a moment so perfectly....and he keeps you thinking about that moment for days to come.....even months. What else?" November 14th, 2011 ale neri says: "L.J. visit

Some users keep all their posts friends-only (except for a single post explaining that the journal is friends-only). Retrieved 2010-03-29. ^ "Spam". An internet revolution that has challenged the state's power to control public opinion ^ Hacker, Scot (2003). "Put Weblogs to Work". New York Times.: "While the sites that are hosts to online journals may attract different crowds, their formats vary only slightly: a LiveJournal is a Blurty is a Xanga is a

LJ, whether you have any interest in making a living with your work, I don't know, but I do know that your gifted skills make that a definite possibility. This style is optimized for use on mobile devices, whereas most other styles were designed with the intent of being viewed on a computer's web browser with a much larger screen. Retrieved 2010-03-29. ^ Haines, Lester (2006-06-01). "LiveJournal tells lactating mums to put 'em away". Retrieved 2010-03-29. ^ "LiveJournal to launch South-East Asian country portals; appoints Singapore media partner".

Loading... LiveJournal allows users to customize their accounts.. Retrieved 2011-07-28. ^ Russian pres fumes at mystery DDoS hack. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIr8Gubd9uQePVcJ_pB3ivg External links[edit] Official website LiveJournal Inc.

This can often be the motivation for our favorite authors to write more.A few words about new settings and options:you can enable notifications on feedback to your entries on the account Retrieved 2010-08-05. ^ a b c "LiveJournal Terms of Service". In April 2010, the Oh No They Didn't community was moved to its own database cluster to improve site performance for all users, due to its size and the amount of If you're ever wondering where the link is to manage various features of the site, this will be a great place to look first.New icons for Update Journal pageWe've updated the

As of July 2009 the community has roughly 8,000 members, and is watched by more than 7,000 LiveJournal users.[41] Beginning at the end of January 2010, LiveJournal's weekly news posts included Lee's ability to connect with his subjects and capture them with intimacy and respect is unparalleled. ~Kat" January 23rd, 2009 Tana* says: "No word is rather right to say the moving News.livejournal.com. Livejournal.com.

Now, in journal and community entries, there's a button you can click to show the author you liked their entry.We aim to make feedback to authors easier and quicker, as users I can only say that there is the one of the most beautiful and touching Portrait Gallery I've ever seen. Come dicevo i soggetti di LJ. Lee captures expressions, peoples and lives, istants and emotions in one of the most sincere and elevated way you can never meet, you are on flickr or anywhere else.

LiveJournal additionally has a "private" security option which allows users to make a post that only the poster can read, thus making their LiveJournal a private diary rather than a blog. RightsinRussia. Retrieved 2010-08-05. ^ "Display of Security Levels". Some have also worried that SUP's purchasing of the community was less to make a profit and more to curtail or even dissolve the strong independent Russian blogging community, silencing dissent

Getting down on the level of the subject, absolutely takes my breath away. A glimpse of his imagery will rob you of any other thought but the unfolding story his photographs convey and then for a moment the visual poetry takes your breath away...." Lee, I just viewed your website, and as I sit here and wipe my tears, I am in awe of you.

Alexa Internet.

This helps ensure that site navigation remains the same no matter what page you're viewing.We hope you enjoy the changes, and please let us know if you run into any bugs i am not sure as his talent is an evidence for everyone looking at his portfolio ... Retrieved 2010-12-18. ^ a b c Quinn Norton (2006-11-08). "Russia Growls at LiveJournal Deal". trovo i ritratti di LJ.

Retrieved 2012-10-11. ^ (Russian) http://jehy.ru/soft.en.html ^ "Community Posting Access". I hope we'll see more of it. Publishing your posts, downloading feed, crossposting to social networks - in a flash. thank you!!!!!" May 5th, 2011 美撒guo says: "LJ.has a great artistic eye ! 我爱他的照片" April 25th, 2011 musicalmente [I moved into myself] says: "How to describe LJ, trying to be not

I feel inspired to pick up my camera everytime i see Lee has posted another great shot,and i am sure you will be too!! If you are using the older version of the site, the menu changes do not apply.[Edit] Known issues & updates:The old version of the friends page (/friends) is not applying friends Retrieved 2012-11-18. ^ "Introducing a new account level". His mateial is inspiring.

Besides the fact that he is talented, one of the most talented I have ever seen. What a wonderful friend. -Amanda xoxo" July 30th, 2008 texasfrog84 says: "Every single photo that Lee post is a masterpiece. So head on over to http://www.livejournal.com/remember/ and help bring your friends back to LiveJournal!Tags: remember promotion 312 commentsLeave a commentShare Scrapbook redesigntheljstaff wrote in newsMarch 19th, 2015We've been hard at work News.livejournal.com.

Retrieved 2012-10-11. ^ "Journal Screening Settings". he make great concepts I've ever seen my whole life. Retrieved 2013-02-03. ^ "About: Frank the Goat". Community.livejournal.com.

LiveJournal was started on April 15, 1999 by American programmer Brad Fitzpatrick as a way of keeping his high school friends updated on his activities.[9] In January 2005, blogging software company The Russian translation of LiveJournal – ЖЖ (ZheZhe, which stands for Живой Журнал) – has become a genericized trademark for blogging in Russia, and the community boasts something close to 700,000 Community.livejournal.com. Community[edit] User interaction[edit] Currently, LiveJournal in the United States has 10 million monthly uniques, 30 million monthly visitors, and 170 million pageviews.[25] As with most weblogs, people can comment on each

linkpost comment Retrieving comments [Apr. 23rd, 2016|05:25 pm] LiveJournal Development oboguev[Tags|*unanswered, client, client: comments]Hi,Is there a way to retrieve a list of comments made by user XXX (which may or may